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Updated: May 11

One day, as Helgi stood by the tranquil Lake Kawaguchiko, he drew his katana from its sheath and began his kata routine. He moved with grace and precision, his movements fluid and controlled. Kata, he knew, was a series of movements and techniques that was used to train a Samurai's mind and body. His adoptive father, Takeru, had taught him the importance of kata practice, how it instills discipline and mental focus. Helgi's kata was not just a physical exercise, it was a meditation, a way to find inner peace and balance.

As he continued his routine, Helgi's thoughts drifted back to his early days in Japan. He remembered how difficult it was to adjust to his new home, with its unfamiliar customs and traditions. He struggled to fit in and often found himself frustrated and angry. But his adoptive family, Takeru and his brother Kenji, were patient with him, teaching him the ways of the Samurai and helping him learn to control his emotions.

The kata routine had been particularly difficult for Helgi at first. His movements were clumsy and he struggled to remember the sequence of techniques. But Takeru and Kenji had never given up on him, always encouraging him to keep practicing and to focus on his breathing and posture. Through their guidance and support, Helgi had gradually improved, finding a sense of peace and purpose in the kata practice.

As Helgi continued his routine, he felt a sense of calm wash over him. His mind felt clear and focused, and he was grateful for the guidance and patience of his adoptive family. He knew that he still had much to learn and improve upon, but he was confident that he had the support and guidance of his family to help him on his journey.

Helgi continued to practice his kata, his movements flowing smoothly and precisely. Suddenly, a voice interrupted his thoughts. "Hey, Helgi, that was some impressive form!" It was Broan, the crow who Helgi had once thought of as a bully. But now, after their conversation by the lake, they had become unlikely friends.

Helgi turned to face Broan and smiled, feeling a sense of pride in his abilities. "Thank you, Broan. I've been practicing this kata for years, and it's become a source of peace for me."

Broan nodded, looking impressed. "I can see that. Your movements were so graceful and precise. You truly are a skilled warrior."

Helgi felt a surge of gratitude toward Broan. He had never expected to find a friend in a crow, but he was grateful for the unexpected connection they had formed.

"Thank you, Broan. Your words mean a lot to me," Helgi said, feeling a sense of contentment settle over him.

Broan continued, "Actually, I have a favor to ask of you. I have a young friend, a squirrel named Kaida. He's been struggling with his self-esteem lately, and I was wondering if you could show him some samurai training. I think it could help him gain some confidence and learn some discipline."

Helgi smiled at Broan's request. "Of course, I'd be happy to help. What's his name?"

"Kaida," Broan replied.

Helgi nodded, "Alright, please introduce us. Samurai training can be tough, but it's also incredibly rewarding. I think it could be just what Kaida needs."

Broan looked relieved and grateful. "Thank you, Helgi. I knew I could count on you."

Three days had passed since his conversation with Broan and Helgi began his kata routine once again by the shore of Lake Kawaguchiko. As he moved through his routine, Helgi suddenly saw Broan approaching with a small, frightened-looking squirrel.

Helgi stopped his kata and approached the two newcomers, "Hello Broan, is this Kaida?"

Broan nodded and introduced the young squirrel to Helgi, "Yes, this is Kaida. He's a bit shy and nervous around swords."

Helgi lowered his sword and smiled at the young squirrel, "Hello Kaida, don't be frightened. I won't harm you. What brings you here?"

Kaida bowed low before Helgi, his voice faltering, "I...I want to learn how to be brave and disciplined, like you and Broan."

Helgi smiled, "Well, you've come to the right place. Samurai training can be tough, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Would you like to train with me?"

Kaida's eyes lit up with excitement, "Yes, please!"

Then we will begin tomorrow. Be here just before sunrise for meditation.

Kaida’s continued to bow low to the ground and backed away from Helgi.

Broan expressed his thanks, Helgi and Broan both bowed in respect, and then Helgi returned to his kata routine, feeling a sense of fulfillment and purpose. He knew that he was about to make a difference in Kaida's life, and he was grateful for the unexpected friendship he had formed with Broan.

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