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Lessons in the Rain

Updated: May 11

One day, a year or so after he found himself in Japan in a new home with a new family, Helgi sat on the porch of his father's dojo, watching the rain fall on bigleaf hydrangeas, Japanese camellias, and rose evening primroses. The drops tapped gently on the leaves, creating a soothing melody that danced around the dojo's wooden structure. The air was heavy with the fresh scent of rain and the earthy fragrance of the soil.

As he stood there, Helgi couldn't help but remember the lessons his new father, Takeru, had taught him since his arrival in Japan. The raindrops, each falling with a distinct purpose, reminded him of the fluidity of life and the importance of adapting to change. Takeru used to tell him that like the rain, life could sometimes be gentle, yet other times it could be harsh and unforgiving.

Just then, Takeru approached and joined him on the porch. "Helgi, do you see how the rain nourishes the plants, and yet it also carves rivers and erodes mountains?" he asked.

Helgi nodded, observing the plants being refreshed by the rain.

Takeru continued, "Life is like the rain, always in motion, sometimes gentle and sometimes fierce. But within each raindrop is a lesson, waiting to be understood."

Helgi looked at his father, curious. "What kind of lessons, Father?"

Takeru smiled, his eyes reflecting the wisdom of years. "Rain can teach us about persistence and endurance, as it keeps falling despite the obstacles in its way. It can teach us about unity, as each droplet joins together to form rivers and oceans. It can also teach us about the power of nurturing and growth, as it brings life to the plants and animals."

As Helgi listened to Takeru's words, he felt a deep sense of peace wash over him. The lessons Takeru was sharing intertwined and solidified, reinforcing the importance of adapting to change and finding balance in life's many challenges.

Just then, Helgi's adoptive brother, Kenji, appeared at the entrance of the dojo, seeking shelter from the rain. He greeted Takeru and Helgi with a warm smile, and they noticed he was carrying a little rabbit that seemed waterlogged and overcome by the rain.

"I found this baby rabbit by the foot of a tree," Kenji explained, his concern for the creature evident in his voice. "It must have been caught in the downpour."

Takeru took the rabbit from Kenji and began to dry it off gently with a soft towel, while Helgi and Kenji watched. As Takeru cared for the small creature, he saw an opportunity to educate Helgi further.

"You see, Helgi, the rain brings both beauty and hardship. It nourishes the earth, but it can also be a challenge for those who aren't prepared," Takeru said as he continued to dry the shivering rabbit.

Kenji chimed in, "Sometimes, we must act as the rain does, by showing kindness and compassion to those who need it most."

Helgi nodded, understanding the lesson. As the rain continued to fall outside, he marveled at the rain as more than just water falling from the sky; it represented the balance of life, the interconnectedness of all things, and the importance of compassion and empathy.

Together, the three of them gathered some food and a warm blanket for the little rabbit. As they made the creature comfortable,

Takeru continued, "You see, Helgi, the samurai understood that the rain, much like life itself, is a mixture of beauty and adversity. They knew that it was essential to adapt and respond to the rain with both strength and wisdom,"

Kenji added, "That's why the samurai were known for their resilience and ability to face hardships with grace. They could appreciate the beauty in the rain while also recognizing the challenges it presented."

As the rain continued to fall outside, Helgi realized that the samurai's understanding of rain was a picture of life: the need to embrace both the beauty and the struggles, and to face each day with a balance of strength, wisdom, and compassion.

With the baby rabbit now safe, warm, and fed, Takeru, Helgi, and Kenji sat together in the dojo, the sound of raindrops pattering on the roof above them. Helgi felt a sense of gratitude for his new family and for the wisdom they shared with him, and he knew that these lessons would stay with him for the rest of his life.

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